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Delivery from 9,90 EUR, 4-6 days
  • stylish rainproof backpack
  • interior pocket for laptop
  • print: Corocoro
  • fabric: waterproof soft-shell
  • made in Poland

We can't provide you with wings, girls. But we can provide you with a backpack with pheasants. And it's like flying away a bit, isn't it?

Our bestselling Boxy backpack comes back in a new print. We have made it up so that it will keep up with any adventure. Once again, our priceless Maruna matched pieces of the colourful fabric with her own hands, so that each model has a slightly different layout. The Boxy has a large, rolled-up tube that can fit in a lot. Inside, there's a special compartment for your laptop and a front pocket for small items.

This backpack is an ally in the environment protection fight. Why? Because it's another argument for giving up the car: it fits perfectly in the bike basket, doesn't get wet and can be cleaned without any problems. And it doesn't justify drinking out of plastic: since it has so much space and insulates perfectly against the temperature outside, you can just throw glass or metal bottles filled with tap water into it.

The Boxy comes in a different print in each collection. So if you like the pheasant theme, hurry up before it's too late and the party takes off without you.

Fabric: soft-shell 100% polyester, lining 100% cotton

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