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Apparently, real minimalists have only 50 things in their closet. If you follow this rule, you know that multifunctional accessories are irreplaceable.

A backpack that can also be a purse is a real must-have for those who never know how their day will go and want to be ready for anything. In the morning you run to work, in the afternoon you jump on a bike and in the evening you go to the cinema? Bilbao can accompany you in all these places because in the blink of an eye it turns from an elegant bag into a handy backpack!

Inside it has two compartments, a lining and a pocket.


Bottom: 26cm x 12cm
Height: 40cm 
Width: 35cm
Straps: shorten 37cm, maximum length 66cm

Made of: fabric and natural leather
Designed and made by
: Manufacture from Cracow 

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