Jeans for a better world!

Together with us you can make your old jeans gain a new life and help to support children in Uganda! It's possible in 3 easy steps:

1. Hand over your old jeans to us
2. We will create something beautiful und useful out of them and will organise a charity auction
3. Together we will found one year of school education for children in Masindi!

Send us your jeans! How to do it? Click here!

Almost everyone has a pair of jeans in his wardrobe. It's a must-have, so everybody regularly buys new jeans, but did anyone wonder how they are produced? The production of just one pair jeans can absorb up to 7000 litres of water! Although many producers have banned the very harmful for the environment and the health of workers technique of sandblasting (which makes jeans look "outworn"), it is still common to use dyes that pollute the soil and rivers in the neighbourhood of the factories. Mass-produced jeans are often soaked with chemicals that are dangerous for our health through the contact with our skin. Remember also that elementary standards of protection of the workers engaged in the production process are rarely respected, so they are exposed to many health risks and problems. The question arises: why do we still buy new jeans, forgetting about the unfashionable models at the bottom of our wardrobe?

Part of the producers switched to ecological cotton and reduce the use of water by applying new technologies. Also the working conditions in factories are more often controlled. But still, the majority prefer a produciton process that is harmful for the environment, to reduce their costs. another and less expensive solution is to recycling. Jeans, that were created as working clothes for farmers and miners, are made from a very durable material and hence it is worth to use them again, even if your jeans are already well-worn or rubbed. You don't know what to do with your old jeans? We can help you! With us you can cause your jeans to help send out some good energy into the world :)

KOKOworld supprots actions towards a more responsible fashion industry since its first days. You surely remember backpacks made from recycled jeans presented by our craftsman Carlos from Spain, you also surely know recycling projects by our craftswoman Maruna. We also make sure that no piece of beautiful african batik fabrics is wasted - we use the scraps to create applications and details, that you love, like the hearts in our Be My Valentine Collection. This time we go one step further and invite you to join our action. We gather old jeans to create something beautiful and useful out of them, and all of that for a good reason! By giving new life to old jeans, we want to supprt those that are most in need of help - the children in the orphanage of the Window of Life Foundation in Uganda. Help your old jeans to make the world a better place <3

Bags and backpacks made out of old jeans by KOKOworld will be put up for a charity auction and the whole donation will be used to fund school education and necessary supplies to children at the orphanage in Masindi in Uganda. The more jeans we collect, the more children can go to school! You can get to know all the children at the foundation's website: The Window of Life orphanage was established in 2011, on the behalf on Marta Majewska-Vaassen in cooperation with the Ugandan Maria, who currently takes care of everyday organisation of the house. With the support of many firends from Germany and Poland it was possible to create a place where abandoned and orphaned children can seek a safe home and receive school education. Lately, the house was renovated, but sending the kids to school and equipping them with the necessary supplies generates additional costs that the foundation is not able to cover without the support of all willing to help. Therefore, instead of throwing away or stuffing away your old or unfashionable jeans, better send them to KOKOworld. In this way you can help to protect our environment and, at the same time, you can support the children at the orphanage of Window of Life in Uganda.

You can send your jeans until the end of March to the following address (don't forget to include your name and e-mail address ;) )


ul. Slusarska 9/332

30-710 Krakow


We are waiting for your jeans! Jeans for a better world!

The partner of this action is Fashion Revolution Poland - an organization that promotes a more responsible approach to fashion since years and is acting to influence more conscious consumer choices. Initiator of the worldwide know action #whomademyclothes

You want to learn more about the foundation Window of Life or support the children in Uganda? Click here!