Merino Wool - this material is really sensational!

Merino Wool - everybody has heard about it, but why is this material so sensational? If you ever wondered what makes merino wool so special, we have the answer. Everybody dreams of a material that keeps us warm, when it's cold outside, and cools, when it's hot and additionally lets our skin breathe. Of course, artificial fabrics have all these properties, but what makes merino wool really exceptional is its NATURALNESS.

The most important properties of Merino Wool:

  1. Natural
  2. Absorbs moisture
  3. Lets the skin breathe
  4. Skin-friendly - no more itching
  5. Antibacterial properties
  6. Easy to maintain
  7. Elastic - doesn't crease
  8. Durable

Absorbs moisture and lets the skin breathe, additionally it's skin-friendly

Where all these exceptional properties of merino wool come from? The biggest influence on quality of wool has the climate in which the sheeps live - New Zealand is said to be the homeland of the best wool. The unique structure of this material allows to "bind" air between fibers. Merino also absorbs moisture like no other natural material - it can take up to 30% of it's own weight, wicking the moisture from our skin and making us feel comfortable throughout the whole day. Additionally, single fibers of this wool are thinner than the fibers of the traditional wool, which causes that merino doesn't itch and tickle our skin.

It's easy to maintain and has antibacterial properties

This is not the end! Merino wool is skin-friendly, absorbs moisture and lets our skin breathe, securing comfort to our skin for the whole day. But besides that, it also has antibacterial properties (bacteria don't grow on it)! That is why also allergy sufferers appreciate it. Still not enough? Merino wool has also self-cleaning properties, it doesn't crease or electrify - it's very easy to maintain! Additionally, thanks to its elasticity it keeps its original shape and - what's most important - also all the unique properties for a looong time. Your favorite Merino Wool sweater will look like new even years later!

Fully natural product

You would ask, how is it possible, that one material has so many fantastic properties? The answer is simple: merino wool is a fully natural product. Due to careful treatment it doesn't lose its properties - we have only products made of highest quality merino wool! We take care of this wonderful material to create caps, scarfs and sweaters, that you will love and wear for years. Because merino wool not only heats you up, it also keeps you cool, when it's hot outside, so a Merino Wool Sweater is a perfect cloth not just for winter, but also for warmer days :)

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