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Blouses Be My Valentine are our absolute bestseller and we are happy to know that women of all ages love it. That's why in the latest collection, we've decided to give it all! We took the design of Be My Valentine blouse, but instead of pimping it up with the colorful ethnic adornment, we pimped it all! We made it from a fabric printed in jungle motif designed by Dawid Polony turning the blouse into a colorful manifesto. That manifesto is the Arbusto blouse. 

There's no doubt that just like her older sister, the By My Valentin blouse, the Arbusto knows how to brighten even the most cloudy day or mood. On top of it all, we made it from a soft material that wraps a body gently and simply feels and looks good. We did not forget about a cult notch for the thumb.

The Arbusto blouse is a very independent beast - whatever you put on, please be prepared for compliments. And if fancy an extremely wow effect, match it with the Arbusto leggings! Let the power of colors be with you!

The model is 165 cm tall.

Made of: Viscose micromodal 94 %, elastane 6 %; weight 200 g/m2
Designed by: KOKOworld
Made by: Patryk and Edytka`s sewing, Cracow, Poland

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