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What if art was closer to us? What if art escaped from heavy frames, yellowed pages, strong pedestals and quietly lived next to us?

What makes Okayama stand out is a patternm no doubt about it! otifs inspired by Far Eastern cultures were hand-painted by Dawid Polony. Thirty unique hoodies were created in harmony of colors, shapes and textures.

Okayama does not impede movement. Soft and delicate cotton wraps around the body even on the coldest summer evenings. Decorations soften the oversized design.

The combination of white and fading pomegranate resonates the best with the gold fire camps outside the city, bronze walks in the park, red sunset.

Created with foucused and efficient movement of Dawid's wrists, the hoodies were marked with an individual number - a certificate confirming their uniqueness. Extremely limited series.
Because each of us is a rare book. Each of us deserves an original.

Fabric: 92% cotton, 8% elastane, gram: 180 g/m2

Take good care of your favorite clothes and follow washing instructions:
Wash at 30 degrees in soft detergent (max. 600 turns), do not wash in a heavily loaded washing machine, do not bleach, do not tumble dry.

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