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The devil’s in the details proclaims the famous proverb. And the experience suggests that details have power. And it is no different with our latest Merino hats. Thanks to them, even a walk in a grey and freezing fall-winter day can emanate with colors and bring you a lot of pleasure!

Merino wool, from which we made our hats, is the most delicate wool in the world, coming from sheep grazing on the green hills of New Zealand. The diversified climate of this region in the world caused that in the course of evolution, merinos have developed a fleece that is very resistant to temperature changes. Thanks to that the fleece is very dense, but at the same time delicate and thin, which affects the unique thermal insulation properties. In addition, clothes made of this wool are breathable, bacteriostatic and do not require frequent washing, they are 100% biodegradable! All this means that there is no better material to use for the autumn-winter hat. 

Our Merino hats will not only keep you warm but will also ma you stand out from the crowd! The hats can be worn rolled or without folding - all at your discretion. And on the days when you really need the support of the Merino team, put on a Merino sweater and see that neither cold nor worst mood have no chance! 

It`s a sustainable fashion product. It helps us to support craftsmen from Poland.

Made from:  50% merino wool, 50% acrylic
Designed by: KOKOworld
Made by: Mr. Piotr's knitting, Łódź, Poland

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