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This dress is the quintessence of responsible fashion. Made of a unique material, lyocell - one of the most ecological fabrics in the world. Produced from natural raw material such as tree cellulose, without the use of highly toxic chemicals and 100% biodegradable. 

What's more, we hid a small surprise for you in the cuffs, Indonesian batik! Hand-dyed by one of our craftsmen, it came with us to Poland in a backpack. This is one of our favorite patterns, that's why you can often find it in our collections. The complement of the dress is an elegant clasp on the back, and the minimalist cut makes it the ideal dress for different occasions. The oversize form is a guarantee of convenience and the length is perfect for people who are eager to expose their legs. Just choose high heels or sneakers and the outfit is ready!

The yarn that our lyocell is made of comes from for the Austrian company Lenzing - a pioneer in a sustainable yarn production process, commonly known as tencel. Care for the natural environment and innovative technologies are the company`s core values. It is Lenzing that discovered the extraordinary properties of cellulose fiber. On top of it, they work with beech wood coming exclusively from certified, ecological forestry. The chemicals necessary for the production of yarns are reused in 99%. Lenzing is only the only company in the world that has the legal right to use the name of Tencel. We are proud to work with them as it all guarantees us the pro-ecological production of lyocell, that we use for our collections.

It`s a sustainable fashion product. It helps us to support craftsmen all over the world. 

Made of: 100% lyocell, weight 180 g/m2 + batic from Indonesia 100% cotton
Designed by: KOKOworld

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