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All our products are made with love. Clothes from Be My Valentine collection are universal, timeless mixture of simplicity and original touch. 

This autumn in KOKOworld could not run out of dresses in energetic colors! Our latest model combines femininity and comfort, which is what we like the most. The advantage of Electrical dress is multifunctionality - you decide on its length and manner of wearing thanks to the knotted waist! We added thumbnails to the electrical sleeves to make it even better. This model has already expanded quite a collection of Be My Valentine. We know that creating materials is a long and very labor-intensive process, so we do not want even a scrap of material to be wasted. Acting in the spirit of zero waste, all the cuttings created while sewing our clothes are processed into colorful, hand-cut hearts that you will find in the Be My Valentine collection.

 Each model beats with its own, unique heart!


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This product was created in a responsible fashion sense. Thanks to it we can support handicrafts from Poland and Africa.

Made of: Cotton 92%, elastane 8%, heart is made from cotton that comes from Africa, Indonesia or Brasil 
Design by: KOKOworld
Made by: Wieliczka, Patryka and Editors

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