Jewelery / Earrings Lizard


Delivery from 9,90 EUR, 4-6 days

The fusion of vivid orange and strong green is so clear that we could not stop on the necklace alone. So we have also created this set of earrings.

Long like a lizard's tail, the earrings lengthen the neck much better than spying on a neighbour who just bought clothes from the new citiZEN collection and proudly shows off in the garden! But to prevent Lizard from disappearing between your hair, we have separated it with a circle that makes the design stands out, and it is also of great importance in Far Eastern symbolism.

Like the Lizard necklace, the earrings play it safe in subdued colour fusions. We know you a little bit, however, and we know that a warning can work as an encouragement, so, girls, wear them as you feel comfortable.

All pieces were hand-painted and matched by Dawid Polony. Now you, using your own hands, stick them in your ears and wear them with pride!

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