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Collections: Spring Summer 20

The best energy? The sun energy. Life-giving force comes again to bring harmony. 

ZEN GARDEN is a symbol of the power that lies dormant in each of us. We are a part of the universe – a piece of an efficiently operating system, powered by the sun. All elements depend on it.
The earrings represent expressive design inspired by the energy that light gives us. Due to the intensity of their colors and raw, sharp finish, they look good in well-balanced outfits,. Wear them as one earring only and you can let yourself go in choosing the colors of your clothes. 

ZEN GARDEN was created for you (powered by the sun energy) by Dawid Polony.

Earrings are hand-painted from material from recycled wood. Sticks are made of 925 silver – they’re hypoallergenic.

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