Blouse Albero Rdest

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- white blouse with a loose cut
- 3/4 sleeves covering the arm - reaches to the middle of the forearm
- rounded and shorter at the front, longer at the back
- organic cotton
- smartw print on one side
- made in Poland


We couldn't have dreamed of a better result than the one created in collaboration with Studio Litograf in Krakow. The Albero blouses swept us off ou feet. With the lithography method, we've achieved a unique product.

Its uniqueness is rooted in real, live plants printed on the fabric, what is more – one plant can be used only 6 times. Every print is a rare book.

This pattern captures the beauty of smartweed - a popular field plant, known and valued by our great-grandmothers. We intend to treasure it and promote its benefits too. Smartweed is also known as the „elixir of youth” because of its antioxidant properties. It is good to have such a rejuvenator on you, even if „only” as a symbol.

Out of concern for the environment and people, we decided to make Albero blouses from organic cotton. To make it even more natural and healthy. The longer sleeves will protect the skin from harmful radiation, and the white colour will reflect the strong light of the sun.

We suggest dressing in the Albero for the occasions they were made for – that is: all of them. They're so all-round that they'll embrace a work party, a meeting with colleagues and a walk in the forets. And it doesn't matter if you match it with a pencil skirt or colourful galligaskins.

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