Blouse Albero Zielnik

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- a white blouse with a loose cut
- 3/4 sleeves covering the arm - reaches to the middle of the forearm
- rounded and shorter at the front, longer at the back
- organic cotton
- the herbarium print on one side
- made in Poland


For summer we offer you the ordinary-extraordinary Albero blouse. White colour and loose cut put it in the range of ordinary ones, but plant print and organic cotton used for making it put the blouse above average.

In organic cotton you will feel free and breathe freely (at the same time taking care of the environment and another person) – priceless in summer. And in white you won't get too hot when the sun shines more strongly. We also thought it would be a good idea to protect your skin from UV radiation, hence the longer sleeves.

And the extraordinary part? Our pursuit of something out of the ordinary, as delicate as a butterfly and as idyllic as field flowers, led us t to a meadow, and then – with floral bouquets – to the Lithograph Studio in Cracow.

This is where the designs were created with the lithography method. It turned out that they're unique, because one plant can be printed on the fabric only 6 times, and still each blouse is slightly different from the previous one.

Why did we create the print of field herbs on the chest? We wanted (and you can too) to honour the well-known healing plants from Polish meadows in this way. We are happy to refer to folk medicine, which whispers that some of these herbs give immortality, others happiness and beauty.

Wear the Albero with trousers and skirts, around the house and at work, because it will suit you anywhere and everywhere (twirling like a nixie allowed!).

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