Earrings Caligraphy

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Learning calligraphy not only means improving your skills for hours. It also means creating new meanings - literal and symbolic. And there is a reason why we referred to Asian writing techniques while creating Calligraphy earrings. 

Their shape reminds us how important training is in achieving citiZEN and self-discipline.
The low-key color of the earrings is a counterweight to their catchy form. We pursue harmony even in the smallest projects. Calligraphy, because of their size, are very expressive. They look good with soft colors outfits. If worn as one earring only, they strongly highlight the symbolic message of the design. 

Calligraphy (as part of mastering equilibrium and patience and searching for citiZEN) was created for you by Dawid Polony.

Earrings are hand-painted from material from recycled wood. Sticks are made of 925 silver – they’re hypoallergenic.

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