Earrings Rainbow

Product code: 2757-1

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We like the evanescence: the taste of candyfloss until it gets too sweet, mornings until the children with a boom make it clear that they've already got up or ... a rainbow caught somewhere between work and home!

We have captured these fleeting things for you in the Rainbow earrings. Delicate and slim, they lengthen the neck much better than spying on the new styles of a friend who just went shopping at KOKOworld. The rhombuses at the top of the earrings do not get lost in loose hair.

The vivid colours of the rainbow are broken with a black rhombus. We like colours but we love the inapparent sets!

The Rainbow earrings were made for you by Dawid Polony. The moment of painting them and matching the pieces was undoubtedly the fleeting one. After all, each set is made by hand – only Dawid and your jewellery, one to one.

If we told you to wear them on particularly fleeting moments, we would make your life very complicated. These usually come unplanned. So wear the Rainbow whenever you feel like it. And what about moments of delight? With the Rainbow you are going to catch plenty of them, no doubts about it!



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