Earrings Wood Tear Blue

Product code: 2985

Shipping Time: 3-5 days

  • long earrings

  • irregular shape

  • colour: wood, blue

  • handmade

  • No Waste wood

  • made in Poland 


We like it when a small and seemingly inconspicuous accessory becomes the most important element of a look. What is the secret of this solution? It is the proximity to what we, human beings are inseparable with – nature. It is nature that creates the most beautiful jewellery.

This time Kasia and Mateusz from have designed earrings in a shape that resembles an intersection of a crystal. You can’t help but think about it when looking at the blue sheet of resin in the lower part of the project.

The pair of craftsmen and KOKOfriends knew exactly what they were doing when they matched the (seemingly heavy) oak elements with blue epoxy resin. It is this resin that makes the earrings, although quite large, seem like light crystals hanging by the ear. Kasia and Mateusz use in their designs recycled wood only. They use old furniture, construction elements and branches. Their work does not interfere with the natural environment.

The wood tear is jewellery that spices up the look with elegance. So it's worth matching it with long dresses or formal suits. It is a perfect choice for important dinners, parties or family gatherings.

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