Hoodie Hug Me Black 2.0

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In fall and winter (especially!) we are #selfcare followers. And they can say what they want, but nothing is more pleasant for a body (and mind) than to be wrapped in a soft fabric – such as cotton (280g/m2), fabric that we have made the Hug Me of. We guess that there is no need to explain the name of the hoodie.

What we like this project the most is its cut – the trapezoidal shape of the hoodie makes it doesn’t fit a body too tightly (so you can successfully put our Minimal underneath, for example). At the same time the shortened front makes the design „lighter”. The same goes for lowering of the sew-in sleeves – slims the shoulders and gathers fabric nicely.

A hood with a wide collar – no need to explain this solution, right? Who doesn't like to hide the face (and the second chin!) in warm fabric? On the list of "best feelings ever" is snuggling into a snood just after taking off your mountain shoes after a day-long hike or unexpectedly finding your favourite chocolates hidden at the bottom of a kitchen cupboard.



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