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Jeans have been ruling the fashion for almost 1,5 century. No wonder - they are a perfect match for any stylization from casual to smart. But did you know that it takes as much as 7,000 liters of water to produce one pair of jeans? That's why it's time to write a new story for them! Just like we love jeans, we also love the environment, that's why we created a product that looks like "traditional" jeans, but we actually made it from a biodegradable lyocell made of recycled wood pulp. Our lyocell supplier is the Austrian company Lenzing, a pioneer in its production, who acquires wood from certified, sustainable forests.


And of course, it would not be us if we did not spice these trousers up! 
That's why we put our bed on the original, asymmetrical style of the buttons and the slightly lowered step and added the asymmetric clasp. On the back of the waist bar, we put an insert with African Wax. On top of it all, we enriched lyocell with a touch of elastane, so that the trousers fit perfectly to the silhouette. Thanks to it all they are perfect for every occasion will - from a business meeting to an escapade with friends. 


The yarn that our lyocell is made of comes from for the Austrian company Lenzing - a pioneer in a sustainable yarn production process, commonly known as tencel. Care for the natural environment and innovative technologies are the company`s core values. It is Lenzing that discovered the extraordinary properties of cellulose fiber. On top of it, they work with beech wood coming exclusively from certified, ecological forestry. The chemicals necessary for the production of yarns are reused in 99%. Lenzing is only the only company in the world that has the legal right to use the name of Tencel. We are proud to work with them as it all guarantees us the pro-ecological production of lyocell, that we use for our collections.


It`s a sustainable fashion product. It helps us to support craftsmen from Poland.

The Model is 165 cm tall, in the picture wear the size XS/S


Made of: 65% Lyocell, 34% cotton, 1% elastane, weight : 350 g/m2
Designed by: KOKOworld
Made by: Polish sewings






size XS / S

overall length: 100 cm
waist circumference: 70 cm
hip circumference: 86 cm
thigh circumference: 44 cm
calf circumference: 28 cm

size S / M

overall length: 100 cm
waist circumference: 74 cm
hip circumference: 94 cm
thigh circumference: 50 cm
calf circumference: 30.5 cm

size M / L

overall length: 100 cm
waist circumference: 78 cm
hip circumference: 98 cm
thigh circumference: 53 cm
calf circumference: 32 cm

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