Kamo Necklace

Product code: 2854-1

Shipping Time: 3-5 days

  • Long 3 pieces necklace
  • bird motif
  • multicolour
  • hand-made product
  • made in Poland


Since we don't want anything to limit us, the last thing that could make us uncomfortable is jewellery. A light necklace with a bird motif.

A wooden necklace is a good solution for all of you who are allergic (literally and figuratively) to plastic and artificial pieces of jewellery. Natural materials used to make Kamo (wood and cotton string) are safe for your body – they cause no irritation and don't react with perfumes or cosmetics.

Although we are big on new things, we hold to what is good in KOKOworld. This is the case with the jewellery. This necklace was created according to an old and proven method: Dawid designs the pieces, then cuts them out of a recycled wood board, and then applies colours, adds details and checks that everything fits together. Our jewellery is 100% hand-made.

Although the motif of the necklace refers to lightness and freedom, it matches better with clothes fitting the body: tops, summer shirts and dresses. Exposed on an one-coloured background, it will not "get lost"– neither in the design nor in the folds of the fabric.

Let it be a juju that instead of bringing you down to earth, lifts you up!

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