Necklace Fusion

Product code: 2752-1

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The lines written in the circle start spinning, your eyelids are getting heavy. Slowly you fall into the


citiZEN! Fusion is our safety catch! Puff – one move is all it takes to create a soundproof wall that


makes the bow-wow of everyday complaining go away!


Three pieces of wood linked by stainless steel elements: two hand-painted circles and a monochrome


beam, all hanging on a string – that's enough to create a necklace that shows that good design is not


about complicated construction but an idea!


The main Fusion elements, the circles, are filled with colours and spiced up with contrasting lines.


This playing games with shapes and colours can resemble an optical illusion. However, this is the only


fantasy you will experience when you look at this necklace. It combines interestingly with casual


styles and brings the right confusion in boring office outfits and that’s a fact, not an optical illusion.


So pull the Fusion on the neck, go and pursue your crazy fashion ideas, and when the spate of duties


comes again to get you, just stare at the swirling lines and the deeply engaging colours, immerse


yourself in the citiZEN.

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