Trousers Harem Origami Black

Product code: 2804

Shipping Time: 3-5 days

  • loose-fitting galligaskins type trousers
  • lowered crotch
  • print Origami Black
  • LenzingTM certified
  • fabric: EcoVero™ viscose
  • made in Poland


These trousers are definitely your favourite! We don't ask – we understand. A casual walk through the city streets – that's what they were born, we mean, made, for.

We made the galligaskins in one size for one simple reason – you can wear them as you like. The fitting is irrelevant here: they are meant to dangle, swing, bounce and float in the wind. When our designers were younger, they were very afraid that the wind would take them away. Their grandmother used to tell them to put stones in their pockets just in case. Maybe it's just a coincidence, but the pockets of these particularly airy trousers are suspiciously large.

The material to which the Harem owes its flimsy construction is EcoVero™ viscose. This is another of our sustainable fabrics. It is produced in a loop process, uses up to 50% less water and emits half as many harmful pollutants.

The Harem is worth having in your wardrobe especially in spring and summer. They are pleasantly airy trousers for hot days. So if you don't like to show off your legs, jump into galligaskins. They're also great for yoga classes – a second skin. It looks like they also lift slightly during exercises and all the asanas become easier somehow – we don't believe that, but it's always worth checking.



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