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There are places which stimulates senses of a traveler simply by the sound of its name. There are things that have the power of relocating us to far exotic places. That was our goal when designing Mizmar hoodie. All you need to do transfer yourself to exotic oriental world full of colours and scents is simply jump into it! It`s no magic, it`s just the power of the prints designed by Dawid Polony.

On top of it all this hoodie is one of the kind because of its crazy, asymetrical zipper and a hoodie. It has fine femine cut and that`s why you can wear it just as we like the best - breaking all the rules! It feels good with skirts and jeans, both casual and smart-casual. Depending on a weather, zipped or unzipped, may also be worn as an outwear in spring and summer.

This product was created in a responsible fashion sense. Thanks to it we can support handicrafts from Poland.

Find your silhouette in our size chart and check which size is the best for you. 

The Model is 165 cm tall, in the picture wear the size S/M.

Made of
cotton 76%, viscose 18%, elastane 6%, weight 280 g/m2
Lining - 94 % viscose, 6 % elastane, weight: 200 g/m2

Designed by: KOKOworld 

Made by: Polish sewings

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