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Elegant yet genuine? Classic yet franzy?

Ethno on my back jacket is a classic, straight, slightly longer jacket that can be worn also as a coat.

Each jacket has a colorful lining and decorations made from Indonesian materials  known as batik. Each pocket is decked with a strip of batik. On the back of the jacket there is also a large batik triangle that catches an eye of every passer-by.

The Rangrang is the special kind of batik! It`s made by mixed waxing technique that combines cap (wax stamping) and tulis (wax writting). On top of it all it`s coloured with natural yellow-brown dye called sogan that is exotracted from peltophorum pterocarpum treeThere are thousands reasons to feel special with the Rangrang!

This product is made according to the idea of sustainable fashion. With this product, we support craftsmen from Poland and Indonesia.

Limited edition!  

Find your silhouette in our size chart and check which size is the best for you. 

Made of: 70% cotton, 22% polyester, 8% elastane + adornments 100% Indonesian Batik 
Designed by: KOKOworld
Made by: Patryk and Edytka sewing, Wieliczka, Poland

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