Jewelery / Jewellery Set Rainbow with a bag


Delivery from 9,90 EUR, 4-6 days

No one ever heard about a woman that doesn’t like to receive jewellery. But yes, some women  do not like to receive jewellery of poor quality! 

Gold, amber, silver, diamonds – it's all a passé –  nowadays wood rules the salons! And it's not just that. The jewellery from the citiZEN collection was hand decorated by Dawid Polony himself. He applied designs, shapes and colours inspired by cultures of the Far East. 

The Rainbow necklace and earrings will bring luck to its owner not only during her Asia expeditions. They are said to whisper good words to the ear: they motivate and comfort you whenever you need them – and that can come in handy every day, right?

This jewellery set comes in a unique bag, hand made from production scraps. Ewka created it in our studio. She used scraps of colourful fabric from our KOKObestsellers. Thanks to that the bag is durable and you or the person you give it to can use it for many different purposes. For fruits, gloves, fragrant dryers? Only your creativity is the limit!

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