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Kawung  is a shirt in beautiful black color enriched with batik finishing. It highlihts your beauty - you won`t go unnoticed! 

We named that shirt after one of the oldest Indonesian motifs, consisting of a four lobed stylised flower, based on the Areca Palm blossom.

The Kawung has many symbolic meanings, its association to the palm blossom indicates purity and honesty, while the palm fruit refers to fertility and hope. There is also a profound philosophy attached to it of universal energy and the sacred origin of human life, longevity and eternal life.

The design was originally worn only by the Sultan and his family and was one of the forbidden batik motifs for the general population. In this context the Kawung was linked with power, wisdom and justice and was thought to imbue these qualities to the wearer.


Click here to meet Kis Harry - a cratsman that makes Kawung batiks for us!

Made of: cotton

Size S/M:
Bust and hips: 110 cm
Total lenght: 80 cm
Sleeve lenght: 56 cm
Sleeve width: 38 cm

Size chart:

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