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In KOKOworld everything is possible!

We  decided to awaken the inner child in us and that`s why we have created the team of colorful animals. 

The mascots were designed and made by Agnieszka Marchewka from Gdynia.

All the mascots are made of recycled batik scraps and filled with anti-allergic silicone ball, which is totally safe.

The mascots already can`t wait to jump into your hands and conquist your heart! They are perfect for both as a toys and as decoration. The perfect product for small and big kids. :) 

Length: 52 cm

Made from:  African Wax + anti-allergic silicone ball 
Designed by: Agnieszka Marchewka in cooperation with KOKOworld   
Made by: Agnieszka from Gdynia

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