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Genuine jewellery from Armenia, Colombia

Ceramic jewellry manufacturing technique originates from the Amazon jungle and is over a thousand years old. It stands for individuality, artistry and traditioninvariably passed on from generation to generation. >span class="hps">brought from the trip to Colombia, each of us can wear accessories that represent the ethnic identity of the tribes from Armenia region. Get connected with a different culture -  >span class="hps">a mysterious civilization, known for its beautiful craftsmanship and precious jewellry.

Eduardo, the creator of this ceramic jewellery says it ''captures magic of Armenia region tribes''. Click and learn more about Eduardo

It`s a magic that we got charmed by. 

Traditional manufacture process 

The tradition of ceramic jewellery comes from the times of the Quimbaya civilisation, which had developed in the western part of Columbia and most probably has its roots in Amazonia. The material from which the jewellery is made is clay, which is collected from the hillsides of the surrounding rivers, than properly prepared, cleaned, dried, bleed with natural pigments as for example turmeric or egg shells and later burned out in order to create rainbow beads cords.

Would you like to get charmed too?

 The necklace is for individualists  that always stand out from the crowd. With this jewellery even the modest outfit looks outstanding. It will break the conservative nature of classicalevening dress and give a bright, colourful touch to the simplest t-shirt. On top of it all it`s an accessory with a history and backround that will trigger your imagination so you can feel the spirit of ancientlost civilization.

Eco factor: naturally manufactured, burned out and bleed from clay, which is collected from the surrounding rivers in the Armenia region in Colombia.

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