Jewelery / Necklace Gong


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Muzyka i taniec to nieodłączne elementy życia społeczności wietnamskiego Płaskowyżu Centralnego.

Music and dance are an essential part of life of the Vietnamese Central Highlands community. The rhythms that cannot be lacking during the most important moments are played on gongs. And there is a reason for that. This seemingly simple instrument has magical power - it is a „middleman” between people, deities and the supernatural world.

And so Gong could not be lacking in our citiZEN projects.

We once again went for simple, geometric forms. The pieces of the necklace - a circle and a rectangle, we cut them from wood and they were painted by the Dawid`s Polony brush.
To play melodies on gongs it requires cooperation of many musicians. The bands may have up to 12 instrumentalists. So in that sense Dawid Polony did not followed South Asian rituals. 

Our one man show went through all stages of earrings creation process by himself - from design to production.

Necklace is hand-painted from material from recycled wood.

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