Fair Trade Jewelery / Necklace KONKRET Pentagon


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Collections: Fall-Winter 2018/2019

Concrete is associated with many things, buildings, a fast road, and sometimes with a mental state. However, it does not come to mind as a material for ... jewelry. We, however, like to break the patterns, so these original necklaces immediately caught our attention. They are made of architectural concrete (a mixture of very fine aggregate reinforced with a glass fiber), dyed with black mineral dye. That's not all, each of them is finished with real lichen, reindeer scratching. The necklace will be an ideal, minimalist addition to dresses, but it will also easily find itself in the company of sweatshirts and t-shirts. This is a unique, hand-made jewelry that will add a special touch to your outfits.

Made of: architectural concrete + cotton waxed drawstring.
Designed by: Joanna from Warsaw
Made by: Joanna  from Warsaw

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