Jewelery / Necklace Lizard


Delivery from 9,90 EUR, 4-6 days

We like to lurk nature from time to time! We smuggle our inspirations into shapes, textures and harmony. This time, however, we captured them in colours! With the lizard glowing colours of the Lizard necklace, we show it in black and white: no one will miss you out in such jewellery!

How can you miss out such juicy orange, such strong green and such deep black? These colours are going to make some noise in your style! We had expected this to happen and therefore painted them on simple shapes. The triangle, circle and line are a good basis for the colourful signals you want to send to the world.

The necklace Lizard handcrafted by Dawid Polony will play it safe with subdued colour sets. However, we don't have the heart to stop those of you who want to match it with other expressive pieces of your wardrobe. Who knows, maybe in some cases the necklace will be the most chilled out part of your style?

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