Fair Trade

We believe it`s worth to be fair!

KOKOworld was founded out of passion for travelling and fair trade. It`s a place where interest for other cultures and remote corners of the world meet with a faith that small steps can make the world the better place. Therefore, fair trade is the core of KOKOworld. Fair trade understood as a trade partnership, based on honesty, dialogue, transparency and respect for co-workers.

There`s no better way of helping one than giving him a decent job

Agata Kurek – the KOKOworld founder

KOKOworld is where social responsible fashion crosses the social projects buliding bridges between Polish craftsmen and craftsmen from all around the world. The outcome of it is classic design with ethno touch. That`s why you for example will find here tunics made from best quality Polish cotton decorated with Indonesian batik.  

All collections are created in the same way – an idea comes from KOKOworld Krakow team, the fabrics come from Poland and all over the world and the clothes are sewn in family sewing near Cracow and some in West Africa. We know personally our craftsmen and we`ve been working with them for years. If you want to know them too,click here. If you want to ask them a question, write us at emilia@kokoworld.pl.

"Take a closer look at what you eat, wear, objects you are sourrunded with. Then you realise that remote corners of the world are not so remote. They are closer than you think! Therefore, it is worth remembering that our daily consumer decisions affect the world – either near or far!!" says Emilia, the CSR and e-commerce manager at KOKOworld. Tomek, the On-Site manager adds: "When shopping at KOKOworld, one gives work to local craftsmen from Indonesia, Colombia and West Africa impacting their lives and their families. Fashion can really change the world for the better place. You can be proud wearing KOKOworld clothes. On top of that travel inspired clothes are simply beautiful!"

go fashion, go fair, go fair trade