Wayuu Indians

Wayuu Indians live in the area of La Guajira Peninsula located on the border of Colombia and Venezuela. They are organized in clans with mother - the guardian and a teacher - as a leader of community.

According to the legend the Wayuu weaving tradition is associated with giant spider “Wale´kerü” myth. It was the spider to teach the women the art of weaving SUSU. Since that time the women have keept on tradition of weaving bags passing their knowledge, patterns and skills to their daughters. In Wayuu the weaving skills are high valued and represent the wisdom, intelligence and creativity.

It takes ca. 2 weeks to weave one bag andWayuu women spend all their days weaving the bags from the colorful cotton threads which they make on their own too. Every SUSU design is unique and represents the divine connection between Indians and the deity.  

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