Manifesto - Dawid and Ola from Cracow

Once upon a time Fine Arts graduate and dog psychologist met. And that`s how the Manifesto was born. And since that time Ola and Dawid have been manifesting ideas with unique jewellery.  It is their modest atelier in Cracow where with passion and attention to the smallest detail neclaces and earings are being made. 

Manifesto product are accessories one of the kind. Their mission is not only "to be and decorate" the outfit, but stand out and talk about important issues! Wanna say something? Say it with your necklace or earrings!

„We may be Don Kichot and Sancho Panchez but we do want our jewellery to be a trigger for reflection and changing the world for a better place!” say Dawid and Ola encouraging: Be yourself....Manifest!

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