About us

Some pack a backpack and set off on a journey of a lifetime, others stay at home and read stories from the end of the world breathlessly. They all have three things in common - the imagination, curiosity and passion. Three topics that created the KOKOworld brand.

Agata was one of those restless spirits. She quit her job in a corporation, packed the necessary things and set off on a journey. At that time she did not know yet that this journey would shape her future.

The destination was obvious: Africa. It was there at the Festival of Music in Mali where she had met people who made her realize that she should follow her own path. Suddenly, everything became clear. Why not combine all those passions for music, dancing, long trips and handicrafts in one? You can do it... if you really want it, right?

Upon returning from Mali, everything seemed to be whispering: you have to take fate into your own hands and do something good. Simple? Not really.

Stubbornly, with imagination and incredible sensitivity, after months of working and travelling with a small daughter in pursuit of authentic handicrafts, the dream-project of uniting artisans from Africa, South America, North Asia and Poland became real.

This is how the KOKOworld brand was born with its goal to connect the farthest ends of the world, tailors from Senegal and Poland, craftsmen from Morocco with those from Krakow. KOKOworld aims also at brining the history and traditions of Developing Countries closer to us.

''That's why I pack a backpack, set off and search for original fabrics, talented craftsmen and local businesses. I want and I believe I can help'' says Agata and she keeps on discovering new ways and places to develop projects that once seemed impossible.

Agata - KOKOworld founder

The KOKOworld founder - the team leader and the designer (although this word makes her frown) in one. Out of the office she`s the person that loves to travel, dance and act socially!

Gosia - Sales Manager

Gosia waits for you in our Showroom in Cracow and she`ll be happy to advise you. She especially loves to see women in dresses as she finds them ultra feminine. Her biggest passion is dance and we are proud to say that we have a belly dance champion in our team!

Agata - Operations Manager

A mother of two that loves growing vegtables and fruits. Though living in the city keeps on escaping to meadows and forests. At KOKOworld responsible for the documents and sewing orders. :)

Ula - Store and event manager

The multitask woman with a great passion to work with people. And you feel it immediately upon entering our shop in Cracow. She`s there to pick from the colorful KOKOworld just what you were looking for. Ula fancies accessories - from jewelry to colorful socks. After hours she travels with her son on a cardboard rocket or flees into the world of books and nature.

Tomasz - e-commerce manager

Tomasz is responsible for everything that improves our logistics, e-commerce and increases our online sales. Out of office he is also all-in-one: he`s interested in various subjects such as direct sales, art, e-commerce and even cooking ducks on fire. He`s also a dad of 2-years-old Łucja and 6-years-old Jonasz. Tomasz is also passionate about mountain walks, skiing and cycling to work.

Emilia - CSR and E-commerce Manager

You can meet Emilia on a bicycle or in her hiking shoes exploring mountain trails - she`s got them at her fingertips. In the office she`s responsible for our e-commerce department and takes care of everything what`s at the other side of the screen :-) She also takes care of CSR and Fair Trade side of KOKOworld and she even does it educating! We do not know there she takes her energy for it all however we we suspect that this must have something to do with her long stay in Cabo Verde where she keeps on coming back :-)

Dawid - graphic designer  

Dawid has been with us since a while - it`s him who makes our EthnoLove accessories. Now he`s joined us to support our design team! He spends most of his time in his atelier painting.

Agnieszka - sales manager and designer assistant 

Agnieszka is a valuable support for our production and creative department, but do not be surprised when you meet her also in our shop in Cracow. She is passionate about fashion, but above all, upcycling and zero waste concept. That`s Agnieszka creates from everything that falls into her hands, from old jeans and t-shirts to curtains and insulation mats. In her spare time, she loves travelling, riding a bike and reading fashion books.

Julia- marketing manager

In the Chinese calendar she is a rooster, in a Celtic wood cedar and in the most common horoscope she`s simply an Aquarius. The outcome of this unique combination equals to cheerfulness, life happiness, and constant changes. And that`s just so Julia. Passionate about ethical and ecological fashion. At KOKOworld she is responsible for brand marketing and foreign markets development. Her superpowers are the ability to read any time and any place and she`s perfect at choosing the perfect gifts.