Our Craftsmen

Our products are made all around the world. No matter however whether it`s Thai-Myanmar bored or Colombian selva for us what`s the most important is that there is a particular craftman standing behind each and every product. We know him or her and we know the condictions of his or her work. Click and meet our craftsmen!

Eduardo from Colombia


Eduardo comes from Armenia region in Colombia and together with his family has been involved in traditional jewelery making. 

Indians Wayuu

Indianie Wayuu
Wayuu Indians live in the area of La Guajira Peninsula located on the border of Colombia and Venezuela. 

Maruna from Cracow

"Things may change their form but the emotions they reveal are timeless..."

Mohamed`s family from Marocco


Mohamed was born in Marocco.

Abu and Madam Coura from Senegal

A cooperation with Abu and Madam Cura is an outcome of Agata`s trip to Senegal. 

Thai Tribal Crafts

Northern Thailand is an area extremly reach when it comes to culture.

Manifesto - Dawid and Ola


Once upon a time Fine Arts graduate and dog psychologist met. And that`s how the Manifesto was born.

Carlos from Spain

Imagine a tiny market somewhere in Spain. It`s there where you can meet Carlos. 

Patricia from Costa Rica


Particia Jimenez Castillo is one of the most outstanding women from the CASEM group.

Kisherry from Indonesia

Kisherry lives in Jogjakarta - the batik kingdom. 

Family sewing of Patryk and Edyta

Patryk and Edytka - dream team where most of our clothes are made in.

Ronise from Cape Verde

Ronise creates magic from fishscales!

Mircia from Cape Verde


Meet Mircia and her enchanted clutch world!

Makkirequ from Poland

Masterpiece of art on your couch!

Iglarki from Poland

Meet the authors of our KOKOtoys made with love!