Patricia from Costa Rica

The origins of women cooperative of CASEM date back to the year of 1982, when 8 Costa Rican artists joined their forces in order to provide their families a better life using their creativity and talent.  Nowadays the cooperative brings together over 100 from Montevideo area offering them not only a work place, but also supporting their artistic iniciatives and personal developement.

There are no doubts that Particia Jimenez Castillo is one of the most outstanding women from the CASEM group. It`s no exaggeration to call her a true Renaissance woman! One of her favourite activities is painting and her favourite artist is Frida Khalo. Both painters share not only talent, but also history. As Frida, Patricia as a kid, in the times of no vaccine, struggled with polio. In the times of no vacinnePodobnie jak Frida, Particia jako dziecko zachorowała na polio. She managed to recover but moves on crutches today. 

It`s Particia who is the author of hand painted sachets that we brought from Costa Rica for KOKOworld. Our clients liked them so much that currently we are run out of them but if you are interested, please do not hesitate to contact us!