Support for Eduardo

Agata met Eduard 9 years ago in Columbia. He is a social worker with artistic soul – thanks to creating jewelry, he gives work to single mothers and supports imprisoned women. Eduardo charmed us us with his sensitivity and genuine craftsmanship. We have been cooperating with him for several years,selling his handicrafts. 

COVID-19 put Eduardo in a very difficult situation. There are no tourists in his town, so Edu can't sell jewelry. As he can't sell, nor can he offer work to others. He and his family are left with no livelihood.

Eduardo is our friend–and we want to help him. And we want to do it right–we want to show him that his craft is not only valuable, but also powerful – it can get him away from the biggest life's troubles. We are pulling together the Eduardo jewelry pre-order. Income from its sales willbe sent to our Colombian craftsman and friend.

Let’s help Edu together – join the action and buy unique, natural jewelry that the craftsman will make in Colombia especiallyto order.Money for the paid orders will be wired to Eduardo immediately to support him financially this month. We are waiting for your orders only until 16.07. Jewelry delivery time is a month from this date: Eduardo will create it especially for you and then send it to us from Colombia.