Thai Tribal Crafts

Northern Thailand is an area extremly reach when it comes to culture. It is there, on the borders of Thailand, Lao and Myanmar, where highland tribes of Akha, Karen, Lawa, Lisu, Mien and Hmong live. They are all agriculture and craft tribes but each of them has its unique culture  – Akha tribe is known for its musical instruments and baskets made by men only. Karen women are noted for their ikat (tie-dye) weaving, using cotton thread and natural dyes. While Lisu tribe members are regonized for their clothing made from coloured cloth stitched into outfits trimmed with row upon row of multicoloured stripes of cloth, applique patchwork, tassels, and beadwork. 

In 1973 in the northen city of Chiang Mai Thai Tribal Crafts (TTC) was established with a goal of providing development opportunities for the tribal peoples of Northern Thailand so that they can have a better life.

All TTC`s products are certified by World Fair Trade Organization. Carefully selected works may be purchased at KOKOworld.  

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