Blouse Raw Pink from Fairtrade Cotton

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Sharp, brave cuts - specific intentions and consistent sticking to the plan. That`s what we like, we are like that, and so is the Raw. We've created it out of bold decisions and confidence. Out of fighting for values. It wasn't surprising for us when Raw was recognized with one the most important awards for fashion brands - the Fairtrade certificate confirmed that its production was performed according to the Fair Trade rules. 


This means that Raw was created with particular attention to: fair price for products and services, fair wages for employees and adequate social conditions in the workplace, transparency, honesty and respect in business relations. Courage in action once again did not fail. It was also guiding us while working on our blouse. Raw cuts optically slim the abdomen, while the lengthen and falling down on a thigh highlights the waist. The wide cuff completes sleeves and lightly wraps around the wrists. We combined the raw form with the delicacy of cotton. The soft and pleasant fabrics guarantees comfort, wraps the skin and allows it to breathe. 


The Fairtrade certified blouse production process confirms that a rectangle on its back is not just a sign. 


It is a tattoo representing KOKOworld values.







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