Jewelery / PREORDER Jewelry set Seaside necklace + earrings from Colombia


Delivery: Preorder active till 16.07

The Seaside necklace and earrings are Eduardo's, our craftsman from Colombia, original project. The process of creating jewelry starts with... the decision on choosing the river to get clay from early in the morning. Carefully formed beads are fired in a specially built pit by Eduardo and his family – ceramic jewelry is their greatest passion.
Egg shells, beet leaves, curcuma – for beads dyeing Eduardo uses local dyes only. South American landscapes also inspire him while he designs. Although Edu can recreate a chosen design – still there are no two peas in a pod – thanks to the natural materials each jewelry set will always be unique in its own way.
The Seaside set mesmerizes the with... a smile and sun-kissed cheeks. And we, knowing how much these tiny beads can do, can not help but think about how much good and beauty is in people.
This set the greatest treasure you can offer to yourself and to Eduardo. 

Income from its sale will support this unique artist. Eduardo will make earrings and a necklace especially upon your order. The jewelry delivery time is a month from the end of our action, which will last until 16.07. Then Eduardo will start working, and the necklace and earrings will reach you straightly from remote Colombia.

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