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No matter how we like to spend our holidays or what is our lifestyle, each of us likes to have the necessary items handy, especially keys, phone, small wallet, lipstick. And we appreciate to have them safely hidden in a genuine bag, such as a NIWA! 

The small circle bag stands out not only in shape, but also in functionality. The circle-shaped part is made of wear-resistant denim, and the strap is made of waterproof softshell fabric. The bag has a small pocket at the front and an extra compartment inside. 

As the strap can be adjusted, NIWA can be worn as a bag, sachet or even used as a beauty bag after unfastening the strap. Comfortable and foolproof, 21st century handbag. 

Must have for summer!

Material: 100% cotton, weight 280 g/m2, strap soft-shell 100% polyester, weight 200g/m2

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