Dresses, tunic, skirts / Shirt-dress Misawa

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Although it was created in the rays of the Iberian sun, lazy siesta is not its thing. The shirt-dress looks best in action – during unplanned dining out, unexpected trips to the city or spontaneous chats at the market (in queue for tomatoes and traditional chorizo). And it’s all because of the tencel it was made from. This fabrics simply begs to be taken into the world. And that is why it is part of #DENIMolution. Discovering the world, apart from an unforgettable experience, brings also responsibility. We always have it on our minds while choosing fabrics for our collections. When creating this shirt-dress, we put our bet on lyocell certified by the Austrian company Lenzing (i.e. TENCEL). Pulp wood – a base for the yarn – comes from sustainable forests. The substances necessary for its production are recovered up to 99% and re-used. Tencel cleverly replaces traditional jeans, its production also uses much less water. Smart, ecological and sustainable.
But we let ourselves go with choosing adornments. We gave this shirt-dress naturally dyed, made of palm nut, corrozo buttons. The strip to which they are sewn into has been created from an insert from Indonesian batik. Hush, we like these colorful secrets. On top of it, all tags are cotton.

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