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Delivery from 9,90 EUR, 4-6 days

Shopping that works without it? None! Organic greengrocer - here you go, a DIY store - of course, bookstore - definitely!

We made the Shopper bag from black denim - a fabric mainly used for the production of bags, covers and ... summer military clothes. It is resistant to ripping, seams cracking or abrasions. A strong base is the keystone here.

The bag will also make it during "ordinary" city missions - going to the office or meeting. We equipped it with two zippered pockets: a small one - for keys, lip glosses and all girls` secrets, and a large one- for a laptop or briefcase with documents

Shopper  is locked up with a strong magnet. Secret information must be protected, though!
We have softened it`s military style with adornments made from scraps of fabrics - stamps and a hand-painted wheel.

Phone– checked, keys– checked, shopper bag– on a shoulder! Let`s go!

Material: 100% cotton, weight 280 g/m2

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