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While creating new collections, we like to go back to the classics. And therefore citiZEN couldn’t be lacking a skirt that lays in the core of KOKOworld. The best-seller Rang Rang skirt in a new, botanical version. 

Floral motifs enchanted in Buddhist mandalas shapes are the effect of Far East inspirations of Dawid Polony. Bold patterns filled with the colors of Asian landscapes create a design that intrigues with originality. However, isn't citiZEN just looking for unhackneyed solutions?
Unhackneyed, though not for us, is to match comfort with elegance. The Vintage Botanic trapezoidal cut means that the skirt, no matter its length, looks extremely delicate. We achieved the lightness of the design by sewing it from a fluid viscose fabric. The floral motifs swirling on the fluid fabrics are one of the most beautiful phenomena in the citiZEN collection.
Strong prints on a subtle form prove that strength lies in the extremes. So match the skirt with the high heels, but have no fear to take it on an outside the city trip either. Do not be afraid to match it with sneakers nor pumps. Team it up with a backpack, a bag, or a shopping bag. And remember - femininity is the art of bonding.

Material: 100% viscose, weight 130 g/m2

Washing and ironing: Viva comfort – wash in a washing machine, but remember to choose a program for delicates (max. temperature: 30 degrees). Be eco – wash more pieces together, match clothes of similar colors (just turn them inside out). Set an iron to 110 degrees, do not use steam, always iron through a cloth. Have a mercy for your clothes – do not bleach them, do not tumble dry, do not dry clean.

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