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Few people know that although today skirt is associated with femininity, it was initially invented for men. They were made mainly of straw, reeds, animal fur or cotton - it was worn by first people, ancient Egyptians or Greeks. At the same time women wore long dresses, an integral part of which was the skirt. As an independent part of the wardrobe skirt made her debut only in the beginning of the last century. We owe the introduction of its shorten version to the first suffragettes who focused on convenience and did not want their clothes to limit them in any way. Our Marseille skirt is inspired by the designs of Christian Dior, who was the first in the 1950s to introduce a flared cut, mid-calf style. Marseille's form emphasizes the waist, it also has two pockets which will keep the necessary things. The fabric it is made of, is one of the most durable, yet breathable materials - linen. It is an ideal summer fabric due to its antibacterial properties, the process of its production is environmentally friendly and the material itself is completely biodegradable. In combination with a blouse Berlin or Lagos top will create a unique summer outfit, which you can choose regardless of what you have planned :)

- Wash with similar colors and a mild detergent at 30 °

The universal size fits perfectly with the profiles from our XS/S, S/M and M/L measures table

One Size:

Waist circumference: 74 cm + 20 cm after stretching
Overall length: 75 cm

It`s a sustainable fashion product. It helps us to support craftsmen from Poland.

Made of: 100% linen
Designed by: KOKOworld
Made by: Patryk and Edytka Sewing Room, Wieliczka

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