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The history of Atlantic trousers began a few years ago in Mali. "It was there, in Mopti, during my trip, where I sewed up trousers prototype in a local sewing workshop. I wanted something comfortable, something perfect for every trip" says Agata Kurek, founder of KOKOworld.

Atlantic trousers are tied at the front and back in the waist, which not only provides ultra comfort, but gives you plenty of possibilities! This seemingly easy cut easily adapts to the silhouette and allows you to adjust their the length. The cuts on the legs make fabrics flows gently during movement make very heat bearable!

On top of it all, for even greater comfort, we made the Atlantic trousers out of lyocell, recognized as the fiber of the future, and there are few reasons for that! Commonly also known as tencel, lyocell is one of the most environmentally friendly fabrics and is soft and breathable.

Taking into consideration the roots of the trousers they may not be lacking an exotic touch, which is provided by a hand-sewn belt from African Wax.

The Atlantic trousers pants feel good in a company of simple tops, such as organic cotton top. I takes only one-color fishscales earrings from Cape Verde to make a sporty you ready for evening at the restaurant or theater.

ATTENTION! Each pair might differ through pattern and color of the details from batik.

Wash manually or in the "delicate" cycle with similar colors and a delicate detergent at 30 °

- If needed,iron with a steam iron

It`s a sustainable fashion product. It helps us to support craftsmen from Poland.

Made of: 100% lyocell
Designed by: KOKOworld
Made by: Patryk and Edytka`s sewing, Wieliczka, Poland

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