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There are only a few pieces of clothing that have had so strong influence on the history and been as much of controversy as trousers. Even at the beginning of the twentieth century, it took a lot of courage to wear them if you were a woman. Apparently, it's because of trousers, a symbol of rebellion and emancipation, that Joanna D`Arc lost her life. It's worth remembering, especially that today wearing trousers can only be as dangerous as finding someone losing his mind for us. 

To increase that "wow" effect, we have enriched Dasha`s pockets with the print that we brought from Portugal. So that they not only can fit everything you need but also boost your courage and charm! And make the holiday spirit always stay with you, no matter how formal meeting you attend. Try them with a smart shirt, a Sorva Jacket and high heels for work and see the Dasha changing completely when you trade them for a t-shirt and sneakers to hit the city! In a nutshell, let them take you wherever you want!

The first model is 165 cm tall and the second one is 170 cm tall.

Made of: 98% cotton, 2% elastane, weight 195 +-10 g/m2
Designed by: KOKOworld  
Made by: Patryk and Edytka`s sewing, Wieliczka, Poland 

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