Bye Bye SALE / Waistcoat Fukuro Corma

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If you still think a waistcoat is just for big events, we'll disappoint you because it has just stepped into the fall citiZEN edition. And it’s all in... beige. It came in and it will change your feelings on waistcoats.

Our brand new Fukuro breaks the mould. Do we like to wear clothes with classic cut? Yes we do! And do we want them to be the most comfortable clothes in the world at the same time? Yes we do! So what do we do? We design and sew that kind of clothes! And are we forgetting in all this about our wild nature? Absolutely no! So what? We finish the classic waistcoat with a colourful floral fabric! Who will dare tell us not to?

Inspiration is one thing, the design is another, and fabric is... the most important! The Fukuro was made of the well-known TENCEL TM, and the "no waste" accessories from print-vintage flowers. Nothing is wasted – sure thing!

Wear it...

Rule No. 1: as you wish matching it with what you wish.

Rule No. 2: when you want to spice your outfit up with outstanding touch.

Rule No. 3: with fall clothes when the weather doesn’t make us cover with heavy coats yet – it is recommended to take this waistcoat out the wardrobe as often as possible to prove that twisted classic looks great in everyday life.

Material: 100% TENCEL TM lyocell Lining: 100% polyester NO WASTE elements made of scraps of materials obtained during sewing. 180 g / m2

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