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We make fashion that respects people and the environment

Kochamy oryginalne wzory, kolory i projekty inspirowane kulturami świata. Naszą misją jest tworzenie kolekcji, które pomysłem i wykonaniem wychodzą daleko poza przeciętność. Nie chcemy jednak przyczyniać się do szkód, jakie przemysł odzieżowy wyrządza ludziom i środowisku. Dlatego sprzeciwiamy się idei fast fashion i tworzymy modę na własnych zasadach. Czy to łatwe? Nie. Czy możliwe? Tak! Stawiamy więc znak równości między modą a odpowiedzialnością. Bo bycie fair to nasza decyzja, nie chwilowy trend. 



Agata Kurek w pracowni KOKOworld
Agata Kurek in KOKOworld studio 
Dostawca batików Kis Herry i jego współpracownicy
Kis Herry, supplier of batik, and his coworkers

It all started... in Timbuktu

10 years ago Agata packed her backpack and set off on a trip to Mali in West Africa. "This part of the world has always inspired me with its design and sounds" – says the KOKOworld founder. It was there, in Mopti on the Niger River, where in cooperation with local tailors she made the first batik bags and a few pairs of pants. And in her backpack she brought much more than meters of fabrics  a business idea. The idea that had been sprouting in it for a long time: to create fashion and handicraft based on Fair Trade rules, came true. Upon her return, Agata rented a place on Starowislna Street in Krakow and that is how the KOKOworld project took off. And goes on to this day.


Today, each and every collection we create means sill setting off on a journey in the pursuit of inspirations from different cultures. Our roots are our strength, but we keep on growing. We are the first fashion brand in Poland that started doing sustainable fashion and talking about it loudly. In 2018 Agata and KOKOworld received the Sustainable Fashion Leader award in the 8th edition of the Polish Businesswomen Awards. "And this is just the beginning" - Agata highlights, because her plans are ambitious as always.



Rękodzieło mieszkańców Cabo Verde
Handicraft made in Cabo Verde with love
Nagroda Lidera Odpowiedzialnej Mody w Polsce
The Sustainable Fashion Leader Award (Poland)


Turn the tag around! It is nothing but the mindset

Responsibility doesn’t give us willies. We know that the clothing industry can do a lot of harm. We do what we can to make sure that our projects are created with respect for people and the environment. We are not perfect – but we strive to make our collections as sustainable as possible. And we want to props for this. We are aware that nowadays sustainable production is not one of the options: it is an absolute must-do. We are not alone in this - it is up to you to choose fashion that is fair. Will you dare to turn the tag around and check from what and where your clothes were made?


Sustainable fabrics

We know that sustainable fabrics are the future of the fashion industry. That is why we create KOKOcollections from heavy-duty and sustainable fabrics and knitwear. We sew with: TENCEL ™, Ecovero ™ viscose, Fairtrade cotton, organic cotton, recycled PET, yarn from recycled jeans. We are constantly looking for new solutions and increasing the number of sustainable fabrics with every collection. Today they are as much as 70% of all of our fabrics! We produce from textiles and knitted fabrics, which – like our choices – are here to lasts. We make cuts which, like our values, are evergreen


Fair working conditions

The conditions of creating our collections are of great importance to us. We make sure that the sewing of clothes and the production of fabrics are done with respect for the environment and human rights. We do not claim that we know absolutely everything about sustainable fashion. However, we keep on deepening our knowledge and are not afraid to ask those who know better. In our struggle for fair fashion we are supported by our long-term partners: foundations, organizations and trusted companies:




I believe that responsible fashion can be interesting and genuine” – Agata Kurek


The first KOKOworld collections were created from the batiks, which Agata brought from her trips to West Africa and Asia. Today we design patterns inspired by remote corners of the world. We spare long months to this process – from a detailed study of the culture of a chosen region to the final project. We work with the team of designers who keep on surprising us with their creativity. We choose original and in-apparent cuts because we don't like cut-and-dried stuff. And we fear no sweat and tears to create them. We are curious about the world – just like our clients. Do you want to put fashion upside down together with us? Do not hesitate and join the positive fashion rebellion.


Tworzenie kolekcji
Collection design in progress
Wzór Botanic z kolekcji citiZEN WL2020
Botanic pattern (citiZEN WL2020 collection)




Sustainable production

Responsible materials

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