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Organic cotton


The production of organic cotton, i.e. GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) certified cotton, meets several very restrictive standards. Crops grow without artificial fertilizers, no pesticides are allowed and the use of chemicals is strictly controlled. Cotton seeds are not genetically modified in any way, and the use of bleach, which could afterward get into water and soil, is also prohibited. Organic cotton is soft and durable – there is no need to say it. What matters to us, however, is that its fibers are chemicals free – they are not polluted..


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Tencel (TM) Lenzing


Lenzing-certified lyocell is made from beech wood from sustainably managed forests. he TencelTM production is extremely simple and therefore it can be controlled on a constant basis. Wood turns into pulp, which – under the influence of water and a solvent – turns into lyocell. Wearing TencelTM fabric is simple pleasure – it is very soft to the touch and even sensitive skin appreciates it a lot!


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Recycled PET /rPET


Polyester is not a natural fabric – there’s no need to say it. However, there are situations when we do need light, quick-drying and durable fibers – and this is all rPET is about.Reusing PET bottles and turning them into fibers that can then be used to sew new clothes is a milestone in the fight for environment protection. That’s why it is so important to sort waste – its proper segregation gives waste a chance for a second life.


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Fairtrade Cotton


According to the World Health Organization, around the world about 20000 people die every year as a result of accidental poisoning with pesticides. The Fairtrade certificate protects the health and life of plantation, factory and sewing workers – it upholds human rights. So no one gets hurt. The certificate guarantees that the raw material is produced on plantation free from forced labour or child labour; women and men are treated equally and decisions are made democratically.


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Ecovero™️ Viscose


LENZING ™ ECOVERO ™ viscose is a fabric that almost completely gives back the planet what it had taken from it. We choose LENZING ™ ECOVERO ™ certified viscose because we know where it comes from. The cellulose for the fiber comes from sustainable and certified crops of eucalyptus, beech and spruce. LENZING ™ ECOVERO ™ viscose has won us over with its properties. Its fibers have high hygroscopicity – they are perfect in absorbing moisture, light and pleasant to the touch. The most important thing, however, is that they are biodegradable thanks to the raw material they were made from


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